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Meetings take place at 14 Tyndall Park Road Bristol BS8 1PY Doors open at 7.00pm, Talks start at 7.30pm. £5 Entrance includes tea and coffee. Everyone is welcome to come along. Seating is on a first come basis. Email

Our next meeting:-

14th September (Thursday) Maria Wheatley Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge and the Neolithic Queen.

Maria Wheatley returns to talk to us about her latest research into the Stonehenge site, the people that were there, why they were there & that has led her to uncover supressed information concerning an ancient Neolithic Queen with a very interesting shape of skull!

Maria will talk more about this Neolithic Queen who was buried in a long barrow/long mound that measured at over 300ft! She will also discuss who these people were, as there is evidence all over the globe of a race of beings seemingly possessing high knowledge for the time, and sharing this same elongated skull feature. This talk will be fascinating as Maria will talk about her most up to date research on this subject.