Local Dowsing Services Offered

Dowsing courses - If you would like to learn to dowse, we have experienced dowsers who can teach you. Three courses are offered for different skill levels right up to an international master dowser course.

Energy - If you are concerned about where you live or work being somewhere that is draining you of energy or even harming your health physically or emotionally, we can help. We offer a quick remote location check that will put your mind at rest or quickly isolate and solve any problems encountered.

Water - leaks, springs, wells, quality, volume, flow - If you need an experienced dowser to help with either domestic or industrial water problems, we can help.

Geopathic stress - Many factors have now been found to lead to homes having geopathic stress. Our experienced professionals can help you with a full appraisal to see if this is the case. This includes a home visit and costs depend on location and time taken.

Health - Holistic Health dowsing can pinpoint areas of the body that are imbalanced and that require some form of attention. Nutritional imbalances can also be discovered. Our experts can help with advice on how to correct these imbalances.




If you would like to find out more about any of our services, please go to the contact page and send us a message and provide us a way in which we can contact you back.

Thank you.