Future Events:-

16th November – The Bards of Avalon

Back by popular request. Coming and listen to some amazing sounds. Ones that evoke positive feelings and good will. 

14th December – Xmas party

Annual discussion on what went well in 2018 and what we will be doing in 2019

20th December - Harmony period - Group meditation

Stanton Drew 5.00pm

18th January 2019 - Rory Duff - A full classification of Leylines, Earth Energies and Nodes 

For the first time ever a classification has been compiled that contains several different categories of Leylines, Earth Energies and their Nodes. How these categories are differentiated is explained and how the different groupings were arrived at. Anyone interesting in dowsing Earth Energies will find that using this classification will help them understand what they are finding and be able to more easily express that to other people. Of particular interest is how one set of energies was found to be particularly problematic for life on Earth. Living or working on these energies is not easy and can even be harmful to health. Long term exposure to these frequencies seems to also bring serious illness and disease. For more information on Rory's work and to buy his books please click on this link to his website


Venue:- 14 Tyndalls Park road Bristol Bristol BS8 1PY

Doors Open 7.00pm. Talks start at 7.30pm. Ends around 9.00pm

£5 Admission

All welcome

Free tea and coffee