Future Events:-

20th September – Professor Ron Hutton - The Shamans of Siberia

Shamanism is one of the most important elements in contemporary Western spirituality, usually meaning communication with spirit worlds while in an altered state of consciousness. Many people know that the word 'shaman' comes from Siberia, where this sort of technique was practised by all the native peoples; yet few know much about this classical shamanism or the land which produced it. This talk is designed to provide an introduction to both.

22nd September Autumn gathering 12.00am – Glastonbury Tor

18th October – Peter Knight & Sue Wallace - Albion Dreamtime - Re-Enchanting the Isle of Dragons. 

Co-presented with Sue Wallace. This is based on Sue and Peter’s new, full colour book about their journeying and experiences of 100 of Britain’s magical, natural sacred places. Across England, Wales and Scotland, they chanted, dowsed, drummed, meditated and re-enchanted these ancient sacred sites, which include waterfalls, fairy glens, rocking stones, ancient forests, caves and sacred rock outcrops. They suggest that it was at such sacred places as these that Albion’s earliest visitors and inhabitants went to contact the spirit of the land and their ancestors. Sue and Peter advocate that these places need to be visited and revered again, in these challenging times

15th November – TBD

13th December – Xmas party

21st December – Winter gathering – 12.00am – Stanton Drew stone circle – South Bristol

Venue:- 14 Tyndalls Park road Bristol Bristol BS8 1PY

Doors Open 7.00pm. Talks start at 7.30pm. Ends around 9.00pm

£5 Admission

All welcome

Free tea and coffee