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5th July – Learning to dowse – An introductory session for beginners

19th July – David Lockwood - Dowsing past lives

David is the chairman of Duchy Healers – an association based in South West England that has over 170 members. He is a healer and also healing but also trains healers as well as being a professional dowser. David will be talking about his work in dowsing past lives and why that is important. If you would like to find out about some of your past lives, there is a workshop on the following day of this talk.

20th July – Past lives workshop with David Lockwood

This is a one day workshop that will be held at the Theosophical society building where we hold our meetings. This has limited numbers and the only way to book up a place is to come along to one of our meetings.

Workshop title - Why are we Curious about our Past Lives?

There are many reasons why we are attracted to looking at Past Lives.  We are curious to know who we were, where we lived and what sort of life we lead.  We may be experiencing dreams of a previous life

We may have a fascination with something in this life and confirmation of this can be found when we delve into our past lives.  For example a person may have an unfounded connection with woodland and the outdoors and then find that they had been a hunter/forester/ woodsman back in a previous incarnation.  Some people may have unexplained fears for example drowning, fear of heights and of snakes.

We may have a Spontaneous Recall (Day-jar-vie) happening when at an event, situation, meeting a person or visit a place.  An emotion can trigger a recall of a previous incarnation without any prior intent on your part to do so.  Dreams and Feelings – you may have reoccurring dreams or feelings that may relate to a past life or an event.  You may be fascinated by a particular period in time or be in part of the world within a certain culture you have not experienced in this life time.  Who you lived with and what kind of friends that you had around you.  

We have all lived many lives but sometimes some of these memories can be brought forward in to our present life and affect us either physically, emotionally or the way we live our lives.

On our healing pathway it is found that people can hold onto some energy patterns that can be detrimental to them in their everyday life.  It seems those patterns could have been created a long time ago, in a past life.

 We can repeat patterns/experiences we have had in a previous life in this life: so our journey in dowsing past lives is to see whether we are holding on to any past life experiences (energy) that needs to be resolved and released.

To access your Past Lives is will be achieved through dowsing; you will be able to discover your past lives and discover the events that took place.  Accessing these memories and uncovering any root causes allows the healing process to begin.

A fascinating, thought provoking day which will take you into new realms.

The workshop is a fascinating journey back through our past lives to see what past lives we have experienced and to see where there is a possibility we need to do some healing.

If healing is needed in those past lives we have discovered or experienced, it can result in a healthier life for you now and may lessen karmic issues.

I very much look forward to meeting you all on the Friday evening talk on this fascinating topic and for a full workshop on the following day.

This talk will endeavour to give a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are on this lifetime journey.  Our soul, spirit and where our consciousness resides will be a starting place.  Come and join in on this fascinating journey with your findings so far.

16th August - HEALTH MASTERY TALK by Clive de Carle ​ - The Power of Nutritional Alchemy to Charge your Powers of Perception. 

Health Mastery educator Clive de Carle will look closely at the power of nutrition to strengthen your electro-magnetic field, decalcify your pineal gland, remove emotional blocks, enhance your brainpower and bring your soul into balance in order for you to reach your full psychic and spiritual potential. Clive will also be introducing a number of powerful health technologies used by the ancients that are being rediscovered today and utilised to astounding effect. Clive will also be bringing along some of his products for sale so please bring along some money as you may well see something you like. For more information on the products and Clive's work please click here

20th September – Professor Ron Hutton - The Shamans of Siberia

Shamanism is one of the most important elements in contemporary Western spirituality, usually meaning communication with spirit worlds while in an altered state of consciousness. Many people know that the word 'shaman' comes from Siberia, where this sort of technique was practised by all the native peoples; yet few know much about this classical shamanism or the land which produced it. This talk is designed to provide an introduction to both.

22nd September Autumn gathering 12.00am – Glastonbury Tor

18th October – Peter Knight & Sue Wallace - Albion Dreamtime - Re-Enchanting the Isle of Dragons. 

Co-presented with Sue Wallace. This is based on Sue and Peter’s new, full colour book about their journeying and experiences of 100 of Britain’s magical, natural sacred places. Across England, Wales and Scotland, they chanted, dowsed, drummed, meditated and re-enchanted these ancient sacred sites, which include waterfalls, fairy glens, rocking stones, ancient forests, caves and sacred rock outcrops. They suggest that it was at such sacred places as these that Albion’s earliest visitors and inhabitants went to contact the spirit of the land and their ancestors. Sue and Peter advocate that these places need to be visited and revered again, in these challenging times

15th November – TBD

13th December – Xmas party

21st December – Winter gathering – 12.00am – Stanton Drew stone circle – South Bristol

Venue:- 14 Tyndalls Park road Bristol Bristol BS8 1PY

Doors Open 7.00pm. Talks start at 7.30pm. Ends around 9.00pm

£5 Admission

All welcome

Free tea and coffee