Future Events:-

15th October 2021 - Lisa Fullbright Cossey

Please come and join us for a fireside chat with Lisa Fullbright Cossey.

Lisa is a healer, an intuitive guide and a registered homeopath. Her training has included The School of Channelling, The College of Healing, The London College of Classical Homeopathy, The Guild of Homeopaths, Eagles Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, The Gene Keys and The Finders. She lives and works in Stroud in Gloucestershire with her husband, children and pets. Lisa especially loves dogs and is interested in natural dog behaviour.

For many years Lisa saw clients for healing, homeopathy and guidance sessions. Her work ranges from clearing and healing land and buildings, to all aspects of healing work with people, minerals/crystals, plants and animals. She no longer does one-to-one sessions and is currently taking time to reassess her work with the plan being to write and to do more group events for guidance and healing. She has led many online meditation and self-healing classes and periodically Lisa runs the Bright Lights School of Spiritual Training teaching spiritual development and subtle energy work, helping people to connect with their own guidance and to work in sacred space.

Lisa is a keen meditator experienced in different styles and techniques of meditation. She is able to experience various altered states of consciousness in her work and in meditations, and loves to share her experiences of the unseen worlds and the expanded realms.

You can find out more about Lisa from her website: Bright Catalyst

Lisa very much enjoys giving presentations, and is an interesting and experienced speaker with a dynamic and fun style and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. She loves to work with interaction from the audience, so please to bring your curiosity and your questions.

This will be an informal session led by live questions from the group with inspired and guided answers. If you prefer to submit any questions in advance you can do so by emailing Paul on who will be moderating the session.

This promises to be a very interesting discussion and a most entertaining evening and we look forward to seeing you there.

Recent Past Events:-

17th September 2021 - Soul Astrology - Margaret Koolman

Margaret will explain how Soul Astrology addresses the 'why' of life. The interpretation of your birth chart  enables you to accept charateristics without judgement, enabling you to appreciate experiences as opportunities for growth and happiness. It  includes the spiritual and the purpose of your life.You can find out more about Margaret from her website:

Venue:- 14 Tyndalls Park road Bristol Bristol BS8 1PY

Doors Open 7.00pm. Talks start at 7.30pm. Ends around 9.00pm

£5 Admission

All welcome

Free tea and coffee